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Subjects and programs

Curriculum learning areas include the following key areas, but are studied based on each student’s strengths, interests and needs:

•​​   English – literacy, communication, reading, writing, spelling, listening, speaking

Kuraby Special School uses the Balanced Literacy pedagogical approach of Four Blocks which is a research based, systematic methodology based upon the work of Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver from the Centre for Disability studies at the University of North Carolina.

•   Mathematics – numeracy, number, measurement and geometry

•   Science

•   History and Geography

•   Health and physical education – including perceptual motor programs, exercise and fitness, swimming, Zumba, games, individual and team sports

•   Leisure and recreation – play skills, fun skills, teamwork, camps and outings

•   The Arts – visual arts, music and dance

•   Technology – information communication technologies, low-tech technologies, home technologies

•   Personal and social development – Social skills program, Daniel Morcombe program, Human Relationships education including protective behaviours and personal care – including personal hygiene, grooming and self-care

•   Positive behaviours and relationships – sharing, turn taking, negotiation, anger management, resilience, self-esteem development, relaxation and the Zones of Regulation program empowering students to select individual tools to self-regulate their own behaviours and feelings.

•   ​Community participation – classes access all facets of the local and broader Brisbane community throughout their schooling. Classes access the community using the school’s buses, taxis and public transport to participate in a variety of community involvement opportunities